Investment Policy Statement

Objective Priorities Set the objectives you want to prioritize


Please prioritize what portfolio attributes are important to you. These portfolio objectives compete with each other for your preference. Portfolios cant be great at everything. Tell Gsphere what you want your portfolio to be great at.

Legacy Positions


Your Portfolio strategy is more efficient and more optimal if it is optimized in context to financial assets you may own. Your custom portfolio optimization will shift away from positions similar to those you already own and into others that yield greater diversification benefits. You can declare such positions here.

(use comma separator to enter many at once).

Or Upload an Excel file (.XLS or .XLSX) containing the symbols:

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You can also enter ideas here for investments and not enter any allocation or shares and let the optimzer figure out whether and how much to invest.

Risk Capacity


Financial markets are deft at pushing people to their financial breaking point. Knowing where yours is and crafting a strategy that is cognizant and optimized for it is an important condition for investment success. We call this your risk capacity.

What events would cause you to abandon this strategy?

Please select the minimum value that would apply

A loss of

under-performance versus an appropriate benchmark of