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Some Account Basics

Some Account Basics

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Employment Details

Employment Details

We are required to ask a bit more about your Employment
so that we can ensure that we are giving you the best possible advice.

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A Little Financial Background Please

Financial Background

As a financial advisor, we are required to ask a bit more about your financial
background so that we can ensure that we are giving you the best possible advice

Net WorthThe total value of all assets you own, less what you owe (including all mortgages and debts). Your Net Worth cannot be less than your Liquid Net Worth.

Liquid net worthThe total value of any assets you own that can be quickly converted into cash.

Net IncomeThe total amount of your earnings for one year minus any taxes or other deductions taken from your pay. These other deductions could include health insurance, retirement contributions, court ordered judgments or support payments.

Total AssetsThe total amount of current and long-term assets that you own.

We only use exchange listed and daily tradable investment products in your portfolio to better minimize risks. My knowledge and experience in working with these types of investments is best characterized as


Investment Objectives:

Additional Sources of Income:



You can add any beneficiaries here, which are required for all IRA accounts.

Regulatory Questions

Regulatory Questions

We are required to ask these regulatory questions. Most customers will answer no.

Is the account holder a member of an exchange or an associated person, affiliated person or employee of an exchange member?

Has the account holder ever been the subject of, or initiated litigation, arbitration or any other type of dispute or settlement procedure with another broker or dealer?

Has the account holder ever been the subject of an investigation or proceeding by any commodities or securities exchange or regulatory authority or self-regulatory authority?

Is the account holder: i) a director; ii) a 10% shareholder; or iii) a policy-making officer of any publicly traded company? (Restricted or Controlled Stock)

Is the account holder or any immediate family member who resides in the same household, registered as a broker-dealer or an employee, director or owner of a securities or commodities brokerage firm?

Important Information and

Disclosures about this Agreement:

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Investment Advisory Agreement

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Risk Disclosure

Interactive Brokers Brokerage Agreement

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Risk Profile

Risk Profile

Set the Objectives you want to apply

Please prioritize what portfolio attributes are important to you. These portfolio objectives compete with each other for your preference. Portfolios cant be great at everything. Tell Gsphere what you want your portfolio to be great at.

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Capital Preservation

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Current Income

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Minimizing Market Exposure

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