artificial intelligence and A VISION FOR THE FUTURE OF wealth management

Applications of machine learning inside a prudent investment process


Artificial Intelligence is only beginning to disrupt the investment management industry. Our industry is behind. The top companies in the world now (top six U.S. listed by market cap) are among the best in commercializing A.I. In fact, Google and Facebook are now following an A.I first strategy.

Here are a few facts to keep in mind:
The Amount of data created in the last 2 years exceeds the previous history of the human race and the growth of data is accelerating.
Growth in smartphones, connected devices, internet users, time on line and data collection practices fuel the data growth.
Barely over half of the world is online in 2018.
There are now over two billion websites and have growth at 30% CAGR for 30 years.
Even after 50 years of Moore’s law, it is still intact: computing power doubles every two years for the same cost.
Now less than 0.5% of all data is ever analyzed and used.

This last point may be the pivotal point society is now turning on. The Information Age may be beginning to yield to the Age of Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence does not have a monopoly on intelligence, but it works fast and cheap

That table is set. Data is pervasive, accessible, digital, indexable, organized and searchable. Seekers of intelligence can usually get answers to knowable questions in a few seconds from most anywhere on the planet.

A prudent investment management process contains several steps and in the FREE 15 PAGE REPORT we show how artificial intelligence can assist throughout the process:
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